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Meet the Only AI-Powered Solution Designed to Address All the Variables Affecting Data Center Management.

The first purpose-built solution delivering unprecedented visibility and the capacity to safeguard operations at all times under virtually any scenario.


Eliminate Guesswork in Your Data Center Operations – for Good.

Energy efficiency, operational sustainability and mission-critical resilience all depend on an operator’s ability to see and control a complex and ever-changing thermal environment. With ECOaaS from TycheTools Partners, what was once a manual and cumbersome management process can now be automated.


AI-Powered Smart Sensor Technology


Visibility for Operators, Creating a Path to Data Center Automation


User-Oriented Platform & Dashboarding



Gain control of the Entire Environment.

ECOaaS enables an IT-aware infrastructure as well as an infrastructure-aware operation. Our solution sits between your IT systems and data center infrastructure to truly read the room. 


> Co2
> Thermal dynamics
> Energy consumption
> Humidity


> Power dynamics with custom dashboards
> Potential thermal challenges
> Moisture & air quality levels


> Energy consumption & efficiency
> Server performance
> HVAC systems


> A fully controlled thermal environment 
> HVAC systems


TycheTools Partners and its solutions were born out of the university system and more than 15 years of university-industry collaborative research in Europe, pressing the notion that there’s a better way to monitor, manage and predict the needs of the data center environment. ECOaaS is the product of that thinking. 

TycheTools Partners develops and implements AI-driven, predictive analytics solutions enabling data centers to operate more efficiently, meet increasingly complex sustainability regulations and prevent infrastructure failure. Manufactured in the US, the TycheTools Partners products represent the only purpose-built solution designed specifically for the challenges of mission-critical data management, providing the means to monitor, report and predict issues at the source. Based in Virginia, TycheTools Partners provides businesses and enterprise data centers a level of data and actionable intelligence previously unavailable in data center operations – eliminating the guesswork of resource management for good.  


TycheTools Partners’ ECOaaS, the Intuitive and Non-Intrusive System that can see everything, comes to ADAM

The joint project on space weather visualization arose from the assumption that several eyes see more than one. Data-driven models are achieved by using ECOaaS to non-invasively monitor the whole space, initially implementing more than 500 sensors and AI software developed by TycheTools Partners.

When the Cheapest and Most Sustainable Energy Is Not Green or Traditional Energy, but Energy That Is Not Consumed, We Are Talking About TycheTools ECOaaS.

Energy efficiency is the key to fighting climate change. Energy efficiency has the lowest money invested / CO2 reduction ratio. That is why it is said that “the cheapest energy is the energy that is not consumed.”

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