DECEMBER 5, 2022

TycheTools Partners' ECOaaS, the Intuitive and Non-Intrusive System that can see everything, comes to ADAM

The joint project on space visualization arose from the assumption that several eyes see more than one. Data-driven models are achieved by using ECOaaS to non-invasively monitor the whole space, initially implementing more than 500 sensors and AI software developed by TycheTools Partners.

Most existing systems are rule-based and if any of the rules are met (e.g.), a threshold is exceeded), an alert is displayed. TycheTools Partners works to create artificial intelligence models that can detect abnormalities in the system before they become an infrastructure problem. This gives ADAM and its customers a level of availability and reliability that is unprecedented in the market.

Space operators will be able to use ECOaaS efficiently and easily. Automation is the focus of the TycheTools Partners system; we add value by providing information to the current critical infrastructure operations team to help optimize environmental and consumption conditions. This non-intrusive monitoring and high quality data makes the ADAM data center a more sustainable and efficient operation, significantly reducing both carbon dioxide production and energy costs and giving ADAM operators and their customers greater peace of mind.

The artificial intelligence controlling the ADAM system continuously simulates room behavior and generates models to predict and avoid possible errors with temperature, pressure, and humidity. ADAM for ECOaaS is designed for data processing and adds to the knowledge base of Operations teams in an easy-to-understand way and providing a better overview of the real-time environment, taking the robustness of ADAM’s operational processes to a higher level.

The automation project between ADAM and TycheTools Partners ECOaaS can be summed up in three words: efficiency, sustainability and reliability.

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