NOVEMBER 18, 2022

When the Cheapest and Most Sustainable Energy Is Not Green or Traditional Energy, but Energy That Is Not Consumed, We Are Talking About TycheTools ECOaaS.

Energy efficiency is the key to fighting climate change. Energy efficiency has the lowest money invested / CO2 reduction ratio. That is why it is said that “the cheapest energy is the energy that is not consumed.” Energy always pollutes to a greater or lesser extent at any stage of its generation, storage, distribution, or final consumption. Energy is never free whether we are talking about green or traditional energy.

Many countries have called for an effort to reduce energy consumption in order to minimize the impact of the energy crisis. It is not surprising that this request has led to incentives for reducing consumption or penalties for excess consumption. This is not just about turning off a light bulb in the living room, it is about the Data Center industry.

In today’s world, IT is the foundation of any operation in any organization. If IT fails, there are ripple effects throughout the organization. If IT fails drastically, the whole organization grinds to a halt. TycheTools Partners solutions ensure that your operational environment is fully visible; our AI algorithms transform real-time data into actionable information to help you achieve maximum operational efficiency and minimize the risk of failure.

Our ECOaaS solution is an indispensable system in the operation and management of the environment in mission-critical technical rooms, enabling dramatic savings in facilities and IT operations, while protecting SLAs, meeting ISO and ESG objectives, and identifying inefficiencies. TycheTools Partners is OPEX-based and features SaaS Refrigeration Control, Automatic Inventory and DCIM Integration.

In short, TycheTools Partners ECOaaS provides the data and information to help you make better decisions while consuming the least amount of energy possible.

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